Office of Global Engagement

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

Global Engagement at The University of Mississippi

In addition to the operations of its four core programs (IEP, OIP, SAO, and USJP), the Office of Global Engagement (OGE) provides the leadership necessary for all internationalization efforts at The University of Mississippi. OGE is the primary resource for international students, faculty, and staff at UM, as well as for UM students and employees traveling abroad to study or on University business. OGE has an exciting and advantageous mission for the comprehensive internationalization of The University of Mississippi, as ascribed by the UM / 2020 Strategic Plan.

The UM / 2020 Plan

Developed by the Strategic Planning Council at the direction of Chancellor Dan Jones and Provost Morris Stocks, the UM / 2020 Strategic Plan┬áserves as the University’s roadmap of its goals and expectations for the year 2020. Internationalization was deemed so crucial to the future and quality of our University that it was included as the second of three Flagship Goals:

Expand our impact locally, Extend our reach globally

[…]Embrace and support globally engaged students by bringing the world to Mississippi and Mississippi to the world.

Internationalization of the UM campus features heavily in the Plan, as do measures to extend our reach globally through exchanges, partnerships, and collaborations. Through its current and planned endeavors, OGE facilitates both of these processes to increase Mississippi’s international exposure.