Office of Global Engagement

The University of Mississippi – Office of Global Engagement

The Office of International Programs

The mission of the Office of International Programs (OIP) is to delineate and advance the internationalization strategy of The University of Mississippi, with a primary and central focus on the University’s international community for which OIP serves as its main advocate.

To achieve its mission, OIP serves the following functional areas:

  • The provision of international student recruitment, admissions and enrollment services, including the development and facilitation of institutional, research or program-specific collaborations;
  • The provision of international student services, including individual and group advising, orientations and workshops, immigration advising, etc.
  • The facilitation of relevant, substantive, and socially interactive international student programs which support the members of the international community in their processes of adjustment, acculturation, and integration;
  • The provision of international scholar and faculty services esp. related to employment in and relocation to the USA;
  • Institutional compliance with federal and state regulations as regards the recruitment, enrollment, and employment of international students, scholars, and faculty.

Furthermore, OIP works with all units on campus to help ensure campus services, including academic and student services, meet the need of a growing and culturally/internationally diverse student body. To remain relevant in its achievements, OIP is intensely engaged in the broad professional field of International Education to ensure it remains current with practices and research related to matters of institutional internationalization, international student mobility, academic trends abroad, federal regulations governing the status of foreign students and scholars in the USA, international student programs and services, global and international marketing, etc.